04/12/2011 - 15:00

We have frequent request about our specs for the different machinery that we opperate. Its important for us to have 3 dimensions to give an accurate cost for the desing.We have basic requirements for all our machines. Listed below is the following.


Material size 1100mm x 850mm x 10mm depth

Charge: R300.00 per hour



(no steel)

Material size 3600mm x 1800mm x 35mm depth

Charge: R285.00 per hour


Wire Cutter

 (Only polystyrene)

Material size 2400mm x 1200mm x 2400mm depth

Quotes: according to client design and quantity, we do have a pricelist for sheets, but we don’t keep any stock ready for collection, we also have alot of ofcuts that we sell for R45 per Kg

We try and design and nest the work as best as possible to obtain the max quality at the best price. It’s very important to us to get these measurements to get a proper qoute, we don’t really do over the phone quotations or ball park figures, it can always change and it leaves us in a disposition.

New Year /// New Website 2011111
03/29/2011 - 16:32

We are so happy to introduce our new site to the world!!its been a long time coming and we can finally showcase the different departments of our company, this is merely the beginning and we will continue to produce work of high quality. We would also like to establish a good working partnership with all the other people and companies we have worked with over the last few years and share info and design. Our site will link details and info from our workshop with the people who run the projects to give prospective clients a accurate indicator of what we can do together to get the job done!! Right enough of the corporate talk!! lets get this show on the road!!

Oh and thank you Dylan for making this site happen....